Bulging Disc Risk Factors

Risk Factors of Bulging Disc
The risk factors of bulging disc are related to the degenerative process that causes the disc to dry out and lose its water or hydration. Aging and natural age related changes are the most common risk factors. Smoking, poor posture, lifting improperly, failure to get exercise and poor diet all are risk factors for this disc degeneration.

Symptoms of bulging discs are usually minimal but when there is nerve compression then pain may extend into the shoulder or buttock or arm or leg.

Treating the Symptoms of Bulging Discs

Regardless of the location, symptoms produced by a bulging disc usually can be managed conservatively, using pain medication, behavior modification, physical therapy or other non-operative methods. However, if chronic pain persists after weeks or months of conservative treatment, surgery may become an option. There are minimally invasive, endoscopic procedures with far less disruption and a much shorter period of recuperation than traditional surgery. Contact us to learn more about bulging disc risk factors or for a free review of an MRI or CT scan.

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