Characterizing the effect of Porous Titanium cage on subsidence performance

I have been involved with others in a study of subsidence of interbody cages where the hypothesis is that the new porous materials used in the interbody cages will decrease the rate and the amount of subsidence of the cage into the bone.  Subsidence has always been the main factor in delayed nonhealing of the fusion and loss of the normal sagittal curvature of the spine.  This week is the Orthopedic Research Society meeting.  The meeting is being conducted by Zoom remotely.  We are presenting 3 papers by oral poster presentation at the Orthopedic Research Society.  We most recently have combined the biomechanical results of our studies with the biological studies of subsidence in an animal model.  This combined research validates the results of our biomechanical studies showing a direct improvement in the incidence of subsidence as well as in the subsidence displacement of the implant in the bone. THe use of porous Titanium implants in the interbody space will improve the quality of the fusion result by further limiting the potential subsidence of the implant into the bone.

GUY R. FOGEL MD Orthopedic Spine Surgeon San Antonio Texas

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