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Americans borrowed $88 billion last year to pay unexpected healthcare costs.  quoted

5 million adults say they had a health issue but didn't seek treatment due to cost. Nearly a quarter had to cut back on spending to pay for health care or medicine.

"Not only do you have a real significant number that are deferring care, forgoing care altogether, you also have a big chunk that are getting the care but having to borrow to get it," said Dan Witters, Gallup senior researcher. "There are few Americans out there who are safe from the American health care cost crisis."

Americans are not that hopeful, either. more than three-quarters expect their costs to increase even more in the next two years, the survey found. And more than two-thirds of Democrats and Republicans are not confident that elected officials will be able to achieve bipartisan legislation to reduce costs. Many of their experiences and concerns cut across party lines.

"There's a real pessimism about anything getting better that has infiltrated the American psyche," Witters said.

The situation has left people feeling very insecure. About 45% of Americans said they are concerned that a major health event will leave them bankrupt, including 1 in 3 families earning at least $180,000, according to the survey.

more than three-quarters are concerned or extremely concerned that rising health care costs will result in significant and lasting damage to the economy. Overall, Americans spend $3.5 trillion on health care, which accounts for nearly a fifth of the economy, according to federal data. Spending is expected to rise to $5.6 trillion in 2026.

The federal government and lawmakers are hoping to make the cost of health care more transparent in an effort to lower prices. Few Americans say they know the cost of emergency room visits or outpatient surgery before receiving care, according to the survey. And only about a third discuss the price of medicine, medical procedures or treatment plans with their doctors.

As a surgical provider I would like to be able to be associated with a service that could take care of payments easier.  I currently am using a service called ClearGage

This is an extremely patient friendly program—designed to help you afford the surgical care you need and want.  ClearGage payment plans are a low-cost option for patients. You would be hard pressed to find a more affordable means of paying off the balance.


  1. There is not separate application for “credit”
  2. This is outside of any credit reporting—no impact on the FICO score
  3. There is no interest charged
  4. Using a ClearGage payment plan frees up available credit on the credit card for other necessities


For example If you were to pay the balance on a credit card—and then take 3-6 months to pay off the card—the cost is much greater than similar payment on a ClearGage plan would be.

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