First Patients With Intracept Procedure For Chronic Low Back Pain

The new Intracept procedure for chronic low back pain has been a success for each of the first 6 patients.  This procedure is a radioablation of the basivertebral nerve to the vertebral endplate adjacent to a severely degenerative disc.  The goal of this procedure is to stop the sensation of back pain related to the degenerative disc.  The procedure has a very good risk safety benefit ratio and has the advantage of no recovery required.

I have done from one to four levels of basivertebral nerve ablation. The Age range is 38-75. All reported their back pain was significantly improved at least 1 month after intercept.  The improved back pain was reported with positive improvement in the disability index and pain scale from baseline to the 6-week post treatment.  6 patients were successfully treated all with at least 1 month of follow-up. 

At evaluation before the procedure the average baseline Oswestry disability scale was 42 in the baseline visual acuity scale for pain was 6.8 the average age was 44 years and symptom duration and 70% of the patient's was greater than 5 years.  75% of the people continue to work full-time and 1 out of 5 or on opioids on a daily basis to treat the back pain.  70% of the patients have been previously injected with cortisone for the back pain.

Now for the 6 patients who have had the procedure: They are sleeping much better and their back pain has been relieved almost completely, they have returned to work or to their usual activities including back to the gym for strengthening and aerobic conditioning.

The early treatment results have been very good and I will continue treating patients with proper indications for chronic low back pain.  Please see the section on chronic back pain and on the intercept procedure on our website.

GUY R. FOGEL MD Orthopedic Spine Surgeon San Antonio Texas

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