What is Lumbago? Common Symptoms & Causes

When people first hear about lumbago disease, their first question is often: "What is Lumbago?"

Lumbago is not a very common disease. Awareness of Lumbago is just beginning to increase, but plenty of people still need more information. The good news is we have put together this article to educate folks on all things better Lumbago. 

Common Conditions That Lead to Lumbago

It is challenging to identify the specific issues that lead to Lumbago, but one must consider such things as:

These are all issues that can ultimately lead to Lumbago, and they are all issues that are very serious in their own right. People must take these concerns seriously and look at Lumbago for the real danger that it potentially carries for anyone who may experience these stressors. 

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Common Symptoms

Not everyone experiences Lumbago the same way, but if you are searching for "What is Lumbago?", it is probably because you are experiencing some of the symptoms of concern. Those who have been diagnosed with Lumbago say that the following symptoms are quite common: 

  1. A localized pain in specific areas of the body, mainly in the lower back
  2. Potential numbness of the back, legs, or buttocks
  3. Swelling or inflammation of the back or legs
  4. Pain in the lower back following a sneeze or cough

Anyone who is experiencing these issues may have a case of Lumbago. These issues are typical for someone going through this, and it can make them feel very frustrated and alone in their struggle to deal with this particular ailment. However, it is far more common than some people think. Therefore, there is no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed by a diagnosis of this particular ailment. 

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Causes of Lumbago

Those struggling with Lumbago can often trace it back to their actions, which strained their back more than their back could handle. Unfortunately, people may feel that they have to blame themselves for something like this. It isn't their fault, and it is simply something that can happen through the regular daily activities that one does. 

Back strain is common even when one is simply performing their job duties. They may pull a muscle or otherwise cause some strain on parts of their back that they had not expected due to just trying to do their job. 

Treatment Options for Lumbago

There are a few different treatment options that one may take to ease some of the pain associated with Lumbago. These include:


Simply allowing your back the time to rest up and recover from the strain it has been put under is a huge deal. It is necessary to help let the injured and damaged muscles have the time to repair. 

Heat or Ice

Ice can numb some of the pain, and heat can allow the muscles to relax so that they aren't so tight (which can cause additional pain). 

Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

Simple, over-the-counter pain relievers are another option that someone with Lumbago may look into using. They can provide at least some temporary relief for those suffering greatly. 

Another option open to you that you should consider is to visit the professionals at Spine Pain Be Gone. They know how to address your questions and concerns related to this treatment, and they are in the best position to offer you treatment options that work long-term. If you are interested in getting the treatments you need, speak with us today

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